About Brenda

Brenda Lyons, RYT- 500, M.A., has been involved in the world of health and wellness since she was a teen. During her 30 years of teaching in international schools, Brenda has taught Qigong, Yoga, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, and Shake Your Soul Dance to students and adults at all age levels. She has also published articles internationally in the areas of health and well-being. Her aim in all of her teachings is to inspire and empower people through physical movement to tap into the healing energy within for better health and a feeling of well-being.


28 years ago, Brenda was introduced to Tai Chi and Qigong when she moved to Taipei, Taiwan to teach at the American School. She noticed right away that all of the “cool” people were carrying tai chi swords around, instead of yoga mats. Immediately, she wanted to follow in their footsteps and contacted their master teacher. Unfortunately, she found out that it would be several years of studying Tai Chi and Qigong before she would be able to even touch a sword. but she stayed in Taiwan for eight years longer and by the time she left had fulfilled her dream of learning a Tai Chi sword form.

Since then, Brenda has studied with Qigong masters in Malaysia, the USA and most recently in Mainland China. Prior to moving to Panama, she offered Qigong classes to the expatriate population in Shanghai and taught at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York. She has also taught Tai Chi and Qigong in Malaysia, Ethiopia and Venezuela. She presently teaches Tai Chi Easy classes in Panama and is a Professional Member of the National Qigong Association (USA).

Brenda has been practicing yoga since she was 14 years old, but it was the aftermath of 9/11 and her subsequent evacuation from Islamabad, Pakistan, where she was teaching at the time, that gave her both the impetus and opportunity to deepen her practice through a teacher training course at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. Over the past 15 years, Brenda has studied with master teachers Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffman, Baron Baptiste, and Angela Farmer, and has earned additional certifications in teaching Yoga for Stress Relief, Yoga for Seniors, Creative Yoga for Kids, Kripalu Yoga in the Schools for Teens, Yoga for Cancer, and Partner Yoga. She is now completing her 800-hour certification as a Professional Yoga Therapist.

Brenda was inspired to study the impact of Mindfulness through her work with her secondary school students. Over the years, she not only observed a significant increase in their stress levels, but she also realized that these students lacked the tools to deal with this stress. As she read about mindfulness, she realized that it would be both a simple and an effective means of helping students manage the pressures of school.

Currently, Brenda is a licensed instructor for the .b (Dot B) Mindfulness in Schools Project for grade 6-12 students, a facilitator for the Mindful Ambassador program, and trained in the signature Google Mindfulness program – Search Inside Yourself. By combining these three leading approaches, Brenda has greatly helped students develop their metacognitive skills, self-awareness, and resilience. Most recently, she has been teaching Mindfulness to secondary and university students in Asia and Central America. She has also been training teachers, parents and administrators in Mindfulness practices.

Brenda also has certificates to teach Zumba, Nia and Shake Your Soul Dance. Since 1998, Brenda has taught classes in Taiwan, Malaysia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Greece, Ethiopia, China, the US and presently in Panama. Brenda often combines her Dance, Yoga, and Qi Gong background to create original workshops such as Dancing Your Qi, Qi Yoga, and Mindfulness in Movement to provide unique experiences for her students. Her aim is to use these healing practices to empower people to take control of their own health and well-being.